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A Trekking Experience That Will be Forever Etched In Your Heart, Khasab trekking tour package is Just Perfect For All.

Trekking in Khasab

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Trekking in Khasab

Trekking is an activity of discovering a region on foot. Trekkers have a backpack with them to assist them during the trip with water and refreshment. We do have experienced guides to lead the tour. Different types of trips with varying degrees of difficulty can be arranged according to the requirement of the clients.

The most peaceful way to visit the mountains of the Musandam. Our favourite route, crossing from Sham Fjord to Kumzar, takes us past an abandoned village, with old pottery and derelict houses. The trek includes a night in the mountains, where the air is pure and the flora and fauna are to be marvelled at: there is an abundance of birds, butterflies and of course, mountain goats. Views over the Gulf of Arabia and Gulf of Oman are stunning. In some areas you may be the first human being to set foot, sharing the route only with goats. As you come close to Kumzar, the valley opens up and you arrive at the edge of the world. Maybe you will surprise the villagers by your arrival, as they gather wood or tend their herds.

Minimum: 5 adult

Children Policy
Children below 5 years will be charged 30% of package cost
Children 5 -10 yrs will be charged 60% of package cost


Costs will vary during Eid, Christmas New Year and Easter holidays.


Rates do not include any expenses of a personal nature.
All the above-mentioned prices are net for tour operators only.

What Client Say

Great Day to See Dolphins

“We booked this by email has we were arriving on a cruise. we were met with a name board at the port and everything worked excellent. Water, Tea, Coffee and soft drinks along with snacks and fruit were freely available. The Dhows were comfortable and staff friendly. we set off and very shortly we slowed in a sheltered bay and within minutes we were surrounded by a pod of around 15 dolphins. we stayed here for approx 20 mins and then moved off through the fjord.to a small Island called Telegraph island. it’s name because the British 1st laid telegraph lines from here to Iraq and India. here the dhow was anchored and we could swim or snorkel. Towels were supplied and although the place to change was just the engine room the staff made sure of privacy.we then headed back with another viewing of dolphins on route back to port.”

Paul H,
United Kingdom

Great Trip from Dubai

“It’s pretty well organized, with several other companies all doing the same trip (we saw many dhows on the water). Nice relaxing day on the boat, with good views, decent food, etc. Very glad we did it, and we did get to see several dolphins, which was a bonus. It was pretty cold, so we didn’t snorkel, but plenty of people did. From what we could tell, the coral and sealife wasn’t really great compared to other places we’ve snorkeled. The only thing I’d caution – we stayed on the west side of Dubai (around the Marina), which meant we were both the first pickup and last drop off. Not much you can do about that, but it ended up being 8 hours in the car, and only 6 on the boat. Still probably worth it, but we were jealous of the folks who spent 90 minutes less in that van than us, simply because they stayed further east.”


Half Day Dhow Tour - Plenty of Dolphins and Good Service

We did a half day dhow tour in the fjords. It was a nice size group (some 10 people). Good service, including soft drinks and fresh fruit. Plenty of dolphins in sight as close as 1 foot from the boat. We enjoyed it thoroughly and recommend Dolphin Khasab Tours.

Tony H,